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Wessex Battle 2023

Updated: Jan 16

Bridport Camera Club hosted the 52nd annual 'Wessex Battle', a local photographic competition involving clubs between here and Bournemouth ... and they won, the first time since 2009!

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The Battle was held at the Town Hall where Bridport welcomed delegations from the other clubs. There was a raffle and in a marked turn from the norm, there were some prizes that were actually worth having as this time, they were trying to raise money for the charity Rendezvous which does all kind of work with young people across Dorset. Together, the clubs raised £120.00.

Paul Hill MBE and Maria Falconer FRPS came down from Derby to to view the work on display from the seven clubs entered into the competition. The first thing they remarked upon was the astonishingly high level of technical expertise on display across the whole range of images. Pictures were marked down if they were the sort of thing that Paul and Maria had seen on many previous occasions and not because they thought any of them were lacking in the craft of camerawork. It soon became apparent to everyone in the room that Paul and Maria were not impressed by a cliche or images that they'd seen on many previous occasions so Spitfires and Silky Seas were out. What was in? Pictures that had an extra layer, ones with meaning or metaphor.

Images were critiqued and scored, with the best of them held back to be looked at together at the end. Out of the eight images held, five were from Bridport Camera Club. They particularly liked an image from BCC member, Andy Webber, of a melted ice lolly on the pavement called 'The Rocket that Fell to Earth', so much so that it won the shield for the Best in Show.

Bridport Camera Club Members Scores were:

  • The Rocket That Fell to Earth, Andy Webber 9/10.

  • Patience, Andrew Crawford 9/10.

  • Through the Window of Memory, Carol Tritton 9/10.

  • Ghost of Gardeners Gone, Chris Hilton 9/10.

  • Take Me Home, Oran Balazs 8.5/10.

  • Ajar, Andrew Crawford 8.5/10.

  • The Face in the Canal, Carol Tritton 8/10 and

  • It's an Issue by Chris Hilton 8/10.

This strong showing meant that despite all the clubs aggregate scores being in the sixties, Bridport was two points clear at the top above Dorchester Camera Club who came second. The judges, Paul and Maria, then stayed in Bridport where they hosted a very enjoyable two day photography course with members of the club.


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