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Rules and Guidance

Rules for Competitions

Unless the Competition Secretary and the Programme Secretary say otherwise, these rules apply to all club competitions.

  • Only fully paid up members may enter club competitions.

  • There must be no visible identifying mark, watermark, name or signature on digital images or on the front face of prints or mounts.

  • You can enter a maximum of 2 prints AND 2 digital images in each competition.

  • Photographs must be taken using a photographic device and, if edited, everything in the final image must be entirely the original photographic work of the creator. The use of generative Ai is not permitted. Click HERE for more detailed explanation.

  • Entries must not have been entered in any previous Bridport Camera Club competition, with one exception: images previously used in the Knockout Competition are allowed.

  • The deadline for submitting both projected digital entries and digital versions of prints is normally midnight one week before the competition.

  • Additional detailed technical rules may apply to ‘Nature’ (including 'Wildlife') and ‘Monochrome’ competitions. If these apply then it will be identified in the competition description or a message from the competition secretary. These are often strictly enforced in external competitions but less so at Bridport. Click HERE for details.

Rules for Projected Digital entries:
  • Digital images must be JPG and be submitted using the Photentry system by the stated deadline. There is a guide to getting started with Photoentry.

Rules for Print entries:
  • You must submit a digial JPG version of each print using the Photoentry system by the stated deadline. (For chemical prints this could be a phone snap of the print). There is a guide to getting started with Photoentry​.

  • Write your name, the title of your image, and your section (A or B, see below) clearly on the back.

  • Hand your prints in no later than 7pm on the night of the competition.

Useful Guidance

The following advice is to help ensure that your images can be displayed effectively and at the best possible quality.

We use the PhotoEntry system for collecting images for competitions. We have put together a comprehensive beginner's guide to PhotoEntry to help get you going with this system.

For digital images:

  • firstly, just try uploading images to the PhotoEntry system. That system will do its best to make images conform to the requirements. A Green "OK" or amber "warning" is good enough to get an image into the competition. A red "error"means the image can't be accepted and will need some work

  • images should be a maximum of 1050 pixels high and 1400 pixels wide  regardless of whether they are landscape or portrait layout. This is so they fit on the club screen. Photoentry will resize images if necessary

  • JPG quality should be set at maximum (100%) to get the best quality you can

  • images should use sRGB colourspace. Photoentry will fix the colourspace if necessary

Print entries:

  • should be mounted with no frame or glass. This makes the image stiff enough to be displayed and handled for judging without being fragile

  • mount size should be no more than 50 x 40cm (20” x 16”) to fit on our display stands

  • to protect your photo, it's best to back your mount with card

  • you can reuse mounts or simply stick your image on to card, but bear in mind that neater presentation helps, as it inevitably forms part of the overal impression

  • most people enter images that are no bigger than about A4 (about 12"x8") 

  • if your images don’t conform to a conventional mounted print format, please check with the Competition Secretary

  • don’t forget to upload a digital version via PhotoEntry


Club competitions are divided into two sections - A & B

  • Section B is for new and less experienced members. 

  • Section A is for more experienced photographers, those with a photography-related qualificatication or distinction, and those who have achieved consistent success in competitions.

An independent judge views each entry and awards 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and as many "highly commended" places as the judge thinks appropriate for each of Sections A & B. 

We award trophies at the end of each season based on an aggregate of points awarded.

  • 1st place - 10 points

  • 2nd place - 9.5 points

  • 3rd place - 9 points

  • Highly Commended - 8.5 points

  • All other entries score 7 points - so the more competitions you enter, the better your chance of being awarded a trophy!

Members who either attain a photographic distinction or qualification, or win the annual Section B print or digital aggregate award will move up to Section A for the next season.

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