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About us...

Finding inspiration at every turn...

Who are we?

Bridport Camera Club is a friendly hub for anyone interested in photography. Individually, our members follow all kinds of photographic interests, and that doesn’t have to include taking pictures, just appreciating them.

We welcome complete beginners, highly experienced photographers or anything in between, and we don’t care what you choose to take pictures with, from smartphone to vintage camera or the latest Leica. The best camera is the one you have in your hand.

Our membership spans a wide age range. Most of us live in the Dorset area but we have some remote members who occasionally join us on line.

What makes us different?

We break the mould of many photography clubs, which have got themselves a bad name over time. There is a certain “camera club effect” which can stifle creativity and imagination by normalising a set of photographic conventions or rules. 


Our point of difference is that we’re a home for people who want to explore the creative process in all kinds of directions without feeling unduly judged or hemmed in by the norm. Rules may be useful tools when you are learning about photography but they shouldn’t become a straitjacket. 


Our aim is to support and encourage you to find your own style and produce work that means something to you individually.

How do we support creativity?

From September to May we meet for talks, club nights, photography outings and friendly competitions. We also have special interest groups and arrange workshops and mentoring sessions - find out more HERE.


Our Programme Secretary goes out on a limb to find speakers and competition judges from outside the ‘camera club’ circuit, including artists, fine art photographers, adventure travellers... exposure to lots of different kinds of photography is what opens minds to its amazing possibilities.

How can I find out more?

Have a look at our Programme and Galleries and come see us at Bridport Town Hall. We usually meet every other Wednesday evening.   


We encourage you to come to one of our meetings before joining. We charge a small visitor fee which you can pay online or at the door. If you decide to join on the evening of your visit, we deduct the visitor fee from your membership subscription.


Join us!

Our annual membership subscription is £30 for adults and £15 for juniors. Our Membership Form gives details of how to join.


Please CONTACT US if you have any questions.

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Meet the committee...

The club runs entirely on a volunteer basis and relies on the support of all members to run club nights and other events.

There are a few officers who are elected by the members:

Non-Committee roles

Additionally, the following permanent roles are not part of the Committee, but are critical roles in the club.

President: Andy White

Webmaster: Andy Webber  •  Projectionist: Oran Balazs (more volunteers very welcome)

Events Organiser: Samantha Mulligan •  Minute-taker:  Alison Dewing

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