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The Ned Kelly Collective ...

Last night a band of brothers ... and sisters ... met at the Town Mill Gallery in Lyme Regis, where, under the watchful gaze of Ned Kelly they hung their combined, photographic endeavors for all to see.

The band, also known as The Dorset Independent Photographers, will be showing their latest exhibition, "A Collection of Curiosities", until Thursday the 28th of March.

The group will be showing work from the late Tim Edwards, a dearly missed, founding member of the collective ... in his later years, he found mobility a challenge but, creative as ever, he had taken to photographing the scuff marks on the walls of the local Waitrose car park ... I, for one, could only dream of framing a tyre mark on a wall and making it look so artistic ...

The remaining of the members of the group will be well known to club members as three of them are from Bridport, the rest are from Dorchester and include some of our regular, visiting judges ... so if you'd like to see what that John Tilsley bloke does when he's not talking about 'our' images ... get on down and have a look. The gallery is open daily between ten and four thirty and is manned by a different member of the group each day.


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