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Barnikel & the BCC

Updated: Feb 10

A short video to get you in the mood for the forthcoming Barnikel Evening at the Town Hall on 07-02-24 ... this year, our little club is thirty years old ... come along and help us celebrate ... here's to the next thirty ...


A quick caveat ... I'm no videographer and put this together, back in 2018, from a clip of Colin Varndell's Eulogy and various bits of club paraphernalia that were lying about at Davids (including some of his favourite CD's for the background music). We plundered his photographic archive and got club members to send in, mainly, the landscape and nature photographs that were so dear to David, as well as images of us enjoying the club trips ...

David was still with us as the club started to branch out to become the 'big tent' that it is now ... somewhere where people of any photographic persuasion can call home ... and the Barnikel night is all about celebrating range of interests within the club ...


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