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We had an excellent talk by club member Shirley Swaine about her wildlife photography at the recent Barnikel evening ... but before we get there ... a quick word about the difference between Wildlife and Nature Photography ...


Wildlife is 'free' ... Nature includes captive animals ... neither category include domestic animals or hybrid plants. That is it in a very basic nutshell ... if you'd like to disappear down a wormhole for a few days then look it up on line but don't say I didn't warn you!


Firstly, congratulations are in order as Shirley was shortlisted in the 'Urban Wildlife' category of the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2023 ...

There are several important points to make about this image ...

Firstly, you don't need to go far to take a good wildlife image ... this was taken in the garden.

Secondly, if you see it, take it ... the next day all these spiderlings were gone. If you don't have your 'actual' camera with you, use your phone as most of them a really very good these days.

And lastly, but most importantly, remember that a good wildlife photograph transcends the subject matter which this one does ... it's about light, composition, form, framing ... there are all sorts of things going on here that makes this photograph interesting to people with no interest whatsoever in spiders.


Shirley spoke to us about how she has improved her wildlife photography by moving away from simply recording an image of an animal, by trying to capture the behaviour or the character of an animal, by trying to show the natural world in a more innovative or imaginative way ... in short, by concentrating on the 'art' of the photograph.

We'll be talking about that more at the club as we have a nature competition coming up next season and we're all going to collectively raise our game to meet the challenge.


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