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Where to get photos printed and mounted

Updated: Jan 17


Getting set up with a printer at home can be a complex and expensive prospect. But it is not necessary to print at home. Several local businesses offer a range of cost and quality options for printing images for example for competitions. Some may offer a small discount to club members - it doesn't hurt to ask.


Tel 07768 614210


46 East Street, Bridport, DT6 3LJ

Tel 01308 422511

To order online, go to their dedicated photo printing website

Axminster Printing Co Ltd

West Street, Axminster, Devon, EX13 5NU

Tel 01297 32266

Footprintz ltd

Topstock House, 27B North Street, Crewkerne, Somerset, TA18 7AL

Tel 01460 76766


The first tip is to plan to re-use mounts for competitions wherever possible. A plain white or just off white mount is generally a good all-round option.

There is a local business that will cut mounts to custom sizes. Julie has a shop under Livingstones.

Cotswold Mounts is a good on-line retailer for mounts. They offer packs of pre-cut mounts of various sizes, and an option for custom mounts. The delivery charge is quite high though.


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