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Stephen Leslie seems to live in an accident black spot ...

The opening gambit, for what turned out to be a very entertaining evening, was a series of vehicle accidents that happened right outside Stephen's front door ... but quite quickly, I realised that they all had one thing in common ... they were all single vehicle accidents that were the result of someone doing something bizarre or stupid.

Was it because there was something peculiar about the road outside Stephen's house? Or was it because there is something peculiar about Stephen himself? Because when he left the house ... the weirdness went with him ... it's as if people were queuing up to be odd in front of him, from a tube train full of Santas at Easter, to people lounging on the street on a bed of carrots, to the man waiting, with his horse, outside a sex shop!

Stephen patrols the streets with a small, compact, 35mm film camera ... the anticipation of waiting for the image to be developed, part of the joy of shooting ... 'whilst you are still waiting, there is still hope' ... I know what he means ... I spent three years trying to arrange for Stephen to come to the club and the wait made the evening itself all the better.

When Stephen isn't on patrol, he's looking through his archive for common threads from people yawning, to traffic cones to that rather niche sub sect of street photography ... people's elbows.

He often uses his eagle eye to trawl through other people's work looking for themes and threads which he posts on his youtube channel. He's got an episode about all things Christmas ... and after all, it is nearly Easter ... go on, treat yourself ...

Our next speaker is local photographer George Wright ...


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