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Dench does some stuff, then tells us about it ...

Before the talk, Peter told me about one of his early assignments where he was asked to photograph 'Faith' ... there are lots of things that spring immediately to mind but Peter Dench didn't do any of those ... he headed for small town America, in particular ... a little place called Faith.

It's the mark of a man who doesn't see things the way you're supposed to, or as we found out, do things the way you're supposed to. That image of the football field in Iraq springs to mind. It had a net over the top of it because it was in an uncleared minefield and if the ball got kicked off the pitch ... no one wanted to go and get it! But he went out there to get the picture of the pitch that no one wanted to leave!

That sense of doing things differently came through in his projects, he told us that he wasn't a frontline photographer, he was interested in what came next ... he wasn't in Urkraine to photograph the falling bombs, he was there to photograph the beaches re-opening in Odessa. You can take the boy out of Weymouth but you can't take Weybiza outta the boy!

The bikini clad girl on the beach was a picture lying on the sand behind the two dressed in military fatigues, paddling but staring pensively into the Black Sea, as they face towards the Crimean Penninsular ...

Last night we were taken to a dwarf convention, a superman convention, a nudist convention (where we nearly saw more of Dench than we needed to), we went to war zones, breakaway republics (where luckily he had his non-professional camera with him), we traveled in search of the Brexit aftermath up the A1, we traveled the length of Russia on a train, we went to a schizophrenic football match and visited amputees in Afghanistan safe in the knowledge that the only place he ever got punched in the face for taking a photograph was in Leeds!

Next up we've got Stephen Leslie visiting the club to share his own peculiar view of the world ...


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