1. Club competitions are divided into two sections A & B. Section B is for new and inexperienced members. Entries in each club competition are limited to two digital projected images plus two prints which have not been shown before in any competition (excluding external ones) of this club. Only paid up, full members may enter club competitions.

2. Each entry shall be viewed by an independent judge who will award first, second and third places and as many "highly commended" places as he/she thinks appropriate for each of Sections A & B.

For the purposes of the Annual Aggregate Trophies, the Competition Secretary shall award points as follows: First place 10 points; second place 9.5 points; third place 9 points; Highly Commended 8.5 points; all other entries scoring 7 points. Final places shall be determined by using the best three scores from the four competitions.

Please note ... the more competitions you enter the greater the chance of winning one of the Aggregate Trophies a the end of the season!

3. Digital Images shall be no larger than 1400 pixels wide and no more than 1050 pixels high. The image format shall be JPEG with the quality set at maximum (100%). Images must use sRGB colour space. Digital entries may be submitted by any of the following methods:-

a) By USB memory stick; no later than the meeting preceding the competition.

b) By email; images must have a file size no larger than 2MByte to arrive no later than 1 week before the date of the competition. Messages and their attachments must not exceed 10Mb in size and should be addressed to:  

Members can submit images on a memory stick no later than the meeting previous to the competition.

For Internal Competitions, file names for submitted images must start with a 2-digit number (01 & 02 ... the use of the zero is important for the software that compiles the competition, the numbers also denote in what order your images will come up) followed by a space then a short title (maximum 3 words) finishing with underscore (_) and the photographer’s name. Example: 01 Carnival Time_John Smith.jpg

Files on memory sticks should be  enclosed in a folder that shall be named as follows: [entrant’s name] + [_competition name] + [_section] Example: Brian Smith_Nature 2018_19_Section B (This allows entries for more than one competition to be submitted at the same time).

4. Print entries should be entered in exactly the same way. In other words, you DO need to send a digital copy of your print with your title entry! and the image size and file name should be as set out above for digital images.

For print entries, both the digital images and titles should be sent to at least one week before the competition itself.

5. Prints should be mounted and be without glass and frame. The mount should be no larger than 40cm x 50cm. The back shall be clearly annotated with the entrant’s name, print title, competition name and section. Except when early submission has been indicated, all prints shall be submitted by 7.00 pm, at the latest, on the night of the competition.This gives the Competition Secretary time to set the competition up and and time for the judge to have a quick preview.

6.  Any member who wins or has previously won an annual B Section print or projected image aggregate competition will move up to the A Section. If they elect to remain in Section B, they will not be eligible to win the Section B aggregate award for a second time.

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